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About Us

The purpose of the Laudato Si’ International Scholars Tertiary Education Network is to model the interconnectedness we observe in all of Creation and bring together universities and other academic institutions in such a way that we honour the particular work being done as well as converge our efforts in a spirit of communion and interdependence. 

Why You Should Join Us

In naming Integral Ecology as a new field of academic, spiritual, theological, and pastoral work and study, Pope Francis invites the Church and our academic and formation institutions to systematically plumb the depths and breadth of Laudato Si’ in research, writing, and teaching. 

In doing so, we commit to the long journey of forming individuals and institutions who integrate ecology in every way possible and become leaders in a range of fields and contexts of service.

Be Part Of An Ecosystem

We recognise and celebrate the many institutions, organisations, and networks committed to bringing Laudato Si’ to life.

LISTEN belongs to the growing number of Church networks, religious orders, church agencies, universities and dioceses around the world who have been instrumental in engaging the Church at all levels in responding to Pope Francis’ call to ongoing ecological conversion and transformation.